I don't get why people care so much about your personal life, it's called a PERSONAL life for a reason. maybe they should get one and then they wouldn't be all in yours


Im so jealous.
Your hair is perfect.
Your body is perfect.
Your face is flawless/gorgeous
You have a good looking&loyal boyfriend
Cute clothes
Amazing blog.
So not fair xx

awh baby <3

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You are so gorgeous. You and your boyfriend are adorable! love love your blog :)

awh thanks baby ! x

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how do you feel with all the girls telling your boyfriend hes cute on his tumblr and stuff?

all i know is he’s mine and that’s all that matters.

i love how you're fooling everyone about being prude (; ♥

haha they’re all crazy

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why so cute for? cmon? im just sitting here forever alone


why so cute for? cmon? im just sitting here forever alone

Nobody is aware of your sarcasm..

haha apparently


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