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I know you get it all of the time, but you're absolutely gorgeous and you're my favorite blog! :)

awh thank you ! xx

do you have any tips for hooking up..? i'm a girllll

haha no not really.

just make out. be touchy ;)

can these show up in my closet like now.
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can these show up in my closet like now.

do you only reblog stuff? or do you get pictures from weheartit, etc.

i pretty much only reblog stuff and put on my pictures.

excuse me but you are fucking sexy! and your boyfriend is fucking sexy! yall two are gonna make some pretty damn fucking sexy kids! jst puttin tht out there. lol.

haha whoop whoop ! thank you ! 

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i’m getting off !

love you guyzzzz ! byebye :)

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