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Why'd you stop smoking

bc of my boyfriend and it was making me gain weight. i still occasionally will but definitely not as much as i used to

opinion on adam levine


Did you watch the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer?! What did you think?!

i did watch it and i can’t wait to see it haha

Why do you never answer questions anymore?? :(

i’m sorry! i try to answer all of them, i really do

what does it mean if a guy has been texting you good morning for 6 weeks straight?


he wants you to have a good morning



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I: Can anyone show me a tattoo we haven’t seen before? x

I like you

i like u too :-)

you ruined sex for logan!

hahaha don’t know how i did that but ok…


My mother has stage four lung cancer.
On July 15th, 2014, we were told by her doctors that her cancer is terminal. The strongest form of chemotherapy had been attempted, and had failed.
My mother has been in a hopsital bed in the living room of my house since July 13th, when she was discharged from ICU after having a seizure and a heart attack- each a result of the cancer.

She is content. Sitting surrounded by her family in her own house. But no moment other than July 15th at 5:30 p.m did the status of my life truly hit me in the stomach like two tons of bricks.

People will tell you this for as long as you live, but life is so entirely short. You can agree and nod your head that you know that it is, but you must live it that way as well.

After three days of keeping to myself and avoiding confrontation, I sat down and wrote something.
16 Things I Learned The Hard Way
I then filmed this video. This is a video stating a handful of things I have come to realize throughout my life, and things that I know I, you, he, she, we should understand and live by from time to time.

Please watch this. Please take note of it, and please understand it.
Reblogs would be more than appreciated
Spreading of the word, and support are all that I could ask for. My mother always reminds me that positivity is key, I want to make her proud.

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of you checkin' me out
hi, i'm katherine, but you can call me kat. i love tattoos, piercings, tanlines, summer, joseph gordon-levitt, fuzzy blankets, and ed sheeran.
my faq can be important and useful to you :-)
& welcome to my crib
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