yo yo yo let it go
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acting cool but checking out the booty like


I'm the same height as you and I feel so self conscious about it, does it bother you or do you not mind?

i don’t mind at all haha i used to hate it but i taught myself to love and embrace it because it’s awesome and there’s nothing to be self conscious about

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Let me smack your ass. For charity of course.

hahaha just for charity

Do you live in Texas?

yep yep haha



✿ ✿

psycho & grunge
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My God,” he gasped, “you’re fun to kiss.

- F. Scott Fitzgerald, Tender Is The Night  (via saintofsass)
how tall are you?

i’m 5’9 haha

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of you checkin' me out
hi, i'm katherine, but you can call me kat. i love tattoos, piercings, tanlines, summer, joseph gordon-levitt, fuzzy blankets, and ed sheeran.
I don't add people on facebook so if you get a friend request, it's a fake.
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